A 3 MPH wind means a toxic gas can travel 264 feet in 1 minute! Ordinary windsocks cannot detect low wind movement, only the Wind Tracker™ Windsock System can.

This is the only windsock system that can accurately show wind direction and speed between 0 – 8 miles per hour!

Chemical Storage & Application - RC Aircraft - Waste Water Treatment Plants - Evacuation - Oil & Gas - Power Parachutes - Correctional Institutions - Refineries -Pipelines - Heliports

Complete Windsock System Fully Assembled Only $69.00

Mount on your existing windsock pole in minutes. There are no cages, hoops, or ball bearings to rust or wear out. Choose from a selection of OSHA approved colors. Windsock Telescoping Fiberglass Poles Available.


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This Video Demonstrates How The Wind Tracker Detects Low Wind And An Ordinary Windsock Cannot.

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The best wind indicator there is, nothing comes close to this wind flag, I will always get this product from now on .

Posted by Kenneth Brunnemer on 13th May 2015

Good For Low Wind Situations

We are using this in a sour field (H2S) and it is crucial part of keeping our folks safe when there are low wind conditions. They work very well and provide the wind direction information we need in those situations.

Posted by Unknown on 29th Apr 2015

Great product – exactly what we needed

Was unsure of product size or how we would like the flag vs. sock version. But this is exactly what we needed, we can see it from all points of the property.

Posted by Unknown on 12th Nov 2013

Windsock Set

Field Tested
  • Installs In Seconds!

  •  Windsock Full Set.

  • 24″ x 60″ Standard Size.
  • Choice Of Colors & Designs.
  • 8 x 11″ Wind Speed Wall Chart.
  • 4 – Pocket Wind Speed Cards.
  • Ships Same Day Or Next Business Day.
  • Made In The USA.
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Windsock Replacements

Storm Tough®
  • Fits Every Model.

  • Replacement Set
  • 24″ x 60″ Standard Size.
  • Choice Of Colors & Designs.
  • 8 x 11″ Wind Speed Wall Chart.
  • 4 – Pocket Wind Speed Cards.
  • Ships Same Day Or Next Business Day.
  • Made In The USA.
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Windsock & Pole

Permanent and Portable
  • Telescopes To 16′

  • Non-conductive Fiberglass Wonder Pole®.
  • 24″ x 60″ Standard Size.
  • Choice Of Colors & Designs.
  • 8 x 11″ Wind Speed Wall Chart.
  • 4 – Pocket Wind Speed Cards.
  • Ships Same Day Or Next Business Day.
  • Made In The USA.
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Applications Using Wind Tracker™ Airport Windsocks and The Evacuation Safety Windsock System

Portable Windsock Application
Evacuations by schools & businesses
Recreational facilities
Hazardous Materials
Pipeline Companies
Ammonia Storage
Chlorine Storage
Golf Courses
Waste Water Treatment Plants
Armed Forces
Cold Storage Facilities

Unmanned Aircraft
Waste sites
Hang gliding
Oil fields
Oil Refineries
Painting at ship yards
Large profiles carried by workers from one building to another
Wind indicator for tear gas release in correctional institutions
Bomb disposal sites.
Military exercises, direction of smoke & gases
Jump teams ground wind system
Hot air Balloonist & chase teams

Power Parachutes
Prisons for directions of intentional gas release
Ammonia plants for evacuation lanes of personal
Agricultural for drift prevention
Small airports
Field burning
Portable units for Red Cross & other organizations
Marker flag for areas of student assembly
Airport Windsocks
Nuclear power plants
Wind flags shooting
Portable windsock use for landing medical helicopters in hard to reach terrains

Detects Low Wind Speed and Direction:

Now for the first time there is a windsock that animates the wind at or below 1 mile per hour. Ordinary airport windsocks were not designed for today’s modern commercial use. Production delivery,  and storage systems are complex in their methods of operation and locations.

Reliable Workplace Safety:

A reliable safety windsock system needs to demonstrate the wind movements, direction, and speed to be effective in any operation where contaminates can be moved along by the wind.

By the time an ordinary old style tube windsock “fills up” it is often too late. The antiquated open end design makes it necessary for large volumes of air to enter and exit the sock. At low wind speeds the old style airport windsock hangs limp unable to demonstrate the direction or speed of the wind.

Off Site Contamination & Controlling Drift:

Liability associated with off site contamination is becoming a big issue in farming, landfills, and other industries located near schools, hospitals, etc. The containment of an airborne contaminate is difficult, if not impossible in many cases. Depending on the wind speed and direction a material can be “carried along” rather than being dispersed.

How To Choose The Correct Airport Windsocks and The Evacuation Safety Windsock

What is the most critical element when choosing a windsock system?

If the windsock cannot detect wind at or below 3 – 6 miles per hour it can actually be detrimental to rely up it for field safety. The ability to detect wind movement at low wind speed is a critical factor. Another consideration is wind movements at and in the lane of evacuation. Wind shear can be a huge factor in some applications. When adopting a safety plan that incorporates an Airport Windsocks and The Evacuation Safety Windsock System be sure to include those features.

Maintenance of the system should be considered when selecting a windsock or windsock pole. Windsock frames, hoops, cages, and metal poles can rust, jam, or present problems with electrical conductivity.

Ease of replacing the windsock is often overlooked. The replacement should be able to fit every model with or without a windsock pole.

Why Choose Wind Tracker?

This new revolutionary windsock system designed by Wind Tracker not only indicates direction of the wind but the variables and wind shears are now visible. Worker safety is dependent on low wind speed detection, and the Wind Tracker is the only “airport windsock” designed specifically for this purpose. Most ordinary tube types cannot alert you or field personal to the dangers of material movement when air current is low.

Wind Direction is Multi-Directional

The wind moves in several directions at one time depending on the force of the wind, obstacles, proximity to the ground, weather conditions, and other natural and man made factors. Therefore you need a windsock system that can detect the winds movement during an evacuation, aircraft landing, loading and unloading operations, etc.

Unlike old style airport windsocks only the Wind Tracker can show erratic air movement and wind shears. Incorporate the Wind Tracker into your emergency evacuation planning.

Are you storing or using chemicals, concerned about drift control, involved in safety operations and need to know the wind movement and direction at speeds even below 3 miles per hour? Then the Wind Tracker Windsock System™ is the best choice. One glance tells you the direction and speed of the wind.

What Is New About The Wind Tracker™ Windsock?

Wind Tracker’s patented action allows for six directional movement. It can even demonstrate wind shears to the observer. This is a great benefit to helicopter pilots. The Wind Tracker Windsock System is now used worldwide in hundreds of applications. There are no metal parts to rust, no hoops to wear out, and will not tangle or wrap on the pole.

The Wind Tracker™ is ideal for use in emergency evacuation plans, and work site safety. It is reliable for field use in the detection of low wind movement. Installs at ground level, atop structures, on existing windsock poles, and is ideal for portable windsock deployment.

Just A Few Of The Windsock Customer Categories:

Wind Tracker Windsock System is now preferred by major Businesses, Military, Coast Guard, EPA, FEMA, Municipalities, Nuclear Power Plants, Heliports, Hospitals, First Responders, Cities, and Countries throughout the world.

Airport Windsocks and The Evacuation Safety Windsock – Systems

Toll Free 1-800-707-3524Airport Windsocks and The Evacuation Safety Windsock by Wind Tracker™ meets FAA specifications. Our Telescoping fiberglass windsock poles are maintenance free, safer than metal poles, corrosion resistant, FR rated, and are guaranteed. The windsock pole by Wonder Pole® is made in the USA.

  • Detects Wind Below 1 Mile Per Hour!
  • Visibility Up To 1/4 Mile Away.
  • Field Tested
  • Maintenance Free – No Assembly
  • Fits Your Existing Poles.
  • OSHA Approved Colors

Every windsock system by Wind Tracker™ is Guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the performance, return it for a full refund. Airport wind socks by Wind Tracker are manufactured by us and ship the same day or next business day.

Airport Windsocks, and The Evacuation Safety Windsock System

Does Your Windsock System Comply?

Airport Windsocks and Evacuation Safety Windsock systems are a critical part of any emergency evacuation plan. The wind can be a friend when it disperses materials, but low winds can move toxic materials a great distance. Direction and speed of the wind is important. if you cannot determine the wind movement you are only guessing, and guessing is not a good word when it comes to safety.

The Wind Tracker animates the wind at low speeds. and using our wind speed charts you can calculate the travel distance of the materials being moved along by the wind.

We often think of the immediate area and personnel in that area when it comes to an accidental or intentional release. That of course is a primary concern. But, we also may need to think about off site contamination. nearby Schools, Businesses, Playgrounds even a mile awy could be effected depending on the materials and type of release.

What is an Airport Windsocks and The Evacuation Safety Windsock System and how are they used as a safety tool.

Read More About Airport Windsocks and The Evacuation Safety Windsock Here >

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