Windsock For Grain Elevator Operations

Windsock System Designed For Grain Elevator Operations

Grain Dust is easier to ignite and results in a more severe explosion than equal quantities of TNT.

Source: US California Press

No other windsock system can show wind direction & speed below 10 miles per hour.

Grain Elevator Windsock System

Windsock Designed for use in Agricultural

Grain dust is generated whenever grain is handled, is easier to ignite and results in a more severe explosion than equal quantities of TNT.

Four critical elements to consider when choosing a windsock for farm operations and grain elevators?

  • A windsock must be able to demonstrate the movement of air at 1 to 8 miles per hour.
  • It must be simple in operation, and animate the wind for visibility.
  • It must be outdoor rated, and durable.
  • It must be highly visible.

What makes the Wind Tracker™ windsock the best choice for farm operations and grain elevators?

  • The only windsock that can detect wind direction and speed below 1 mile per hour!
  • No metal parts to rust, clog, or wear out, moves in six directions.
  • Storm Tough® construction for 24 hour, 365 day outdoor use.
  • Visibility up to 1/4 mile away.

 Grain Elevator Operations – Wind Tracker windsock systems are field tested. They show wind speed and direction at a glance. You will immediately know what the direction of the wind is the necessary knowledge to evacuate to the designated safe area. Truck drivers, field personnel, and other area workers and utilize the wind charts and windsock pocket guides supplied with every Wind Tracker Windsock System.

Remember, a strong wind disperses harmful materials, and a low wind speed carries harmful materials “along”. It is absolutely critical that your windsock can detect low wind. No other windsock detect wind speed and direction below 1 mile per hour. The Wind Tracker Windsock can.

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Partial List Of Windsock Applications

Agriculture & Farm Operations
Emergency Evacuations
Construction Safety
Hazardous Materials
Pipeline Companies
Ammonia Storage
Chlorine Storage
Grain Elevators
Golf Courses
School Safety
Recreational facilities

Waste Water Treatment Plants
Cold Storage Facilities
Unmanned Aircraft
Waste sites
Hang gliding
Oil fields
Painting at ship yards
Large profiles carried by workers
Tear gas release in correctional institutions
Bomb disposal sites.
Jump teams ground wind system
Hot air Balloonist & chase teams

Portable Windsock / Transportation
Power Plants
Agricultural for drift prevention
Small airports
Field burning
Portable units for Red Cross & other organizations
Marker flag for areas of student assembly
Airport Windsocks
Nuclear power plants
Disc Golf

Grain Elevator Windsock

Our windsock telescoping fiberglass pole and bracket are specifically designed to mount on the hand rails of grain elevators and grain storage bins.

What makes the Wind Tracker Windsock ideal for farm and grain elevators?

Anhydrous Ammonia Refilling locations – Often times used at anhydrous ammonia filling location in case of accidental releases, this is an essential part of an emergency evacuation plan.

Spray Drift Prevention – The first line of defense of a spray drift issue is knowing wind conditions. The Wind Tracker windsock is suitable for both portable and permanent situations. These windsocks give an accurate wind direction that is unaffected by frames, cages, and ball bearings often used in ordinary outdated windsocks. local ground obstacle turbulence.

On The Farm – Farmers can get instant visual notification of the prevailing wind. The visibility of the Wind Tracer is up to ¼ mile away. Now you can see the prevailing winds in their local area, assess livestock burden and factors that help predict dispersion of odors that may affect the surrounding area.

Grain Elevator Operations – With a quick glance, the Wind Tracker wind indicator can give you immediate knowledge of wind direction for drivers coming in and company personnel. They not only give wind direction, but they also show wind speeds even below 3 miles per hour! Each Wind Tracker windsock comes with wind speed pocket guides and a 8 x 11 wall chart.