Strong American Flags

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Strong American Flags with Storm Tough®  construction.

Developed for 24 hour continuous flag flying.

Strong American Flags

Strong American Flags with Storm Tough®  construction were developed for 24 your continuous flag flying. Constructed of high strength durable polyester with embroidered shiny stars, sewn stripes, and Lock-Guard™ stitching throughout. See how to select the proper size flag for your flagpole below.

Storm Tough® American Flag with Lock-Guard™ stitch, embroidered stars and a four needle fly hem,all made in the USA!

Strong American Flag GuaranteeDesigned for commercial and residential use in inclement weather conditions. This is a four season display flag. The Storm Tough® American Flag meets or exceeds Federal Flag standards.

The finest long wearing is used with color fast dyes to insure no color changes for a minimum of one year. Compared to offerings by other flag dealers that may appear to be similar, you can be assured of the finest quality in the industry. Each flag has embroidered stars and sewn stripes. Of course they are made in the USA! How to protect your flag.


Buy Strong American FlagsBuy Strong American Flags

For quantity discounts, please call toll free: 1-800-707-3524 for Storm Tough American & State Flags.

How To Select The Proper Flag Size: Flag size is based upon the height, type, wall thickness of the flagpole, and number of flags mounted to the pole. It is important to remember that this is a guide, and aesthetic may not agree with the engineering of your pole. Call us if you need more information.

Residential Sectional Flagpoles Flag Size
15′ Flagpole
3′ x 5′
20′ Flagpole
3′ x 5′
25′ Flagpole
4′ x 6′
Wonder Pole® Telescopic
3′ x 5′ – 4x6′
One Piece Tapered
Flag Size
20′ Flagpole
4′ x 6′
25′ Flagpole
5′ x 8′
30-35′ Flagpole
6′ x 10′
40-45′ Flagpole
6′ x 10 / 8′ x 12′
50′ Flagpole
8′ x 12′ / 10′ x 15′
60-65′ Flagpole
10′ x 15′ / 10′ x 19′
70-80′ Flagpole
10′ x 19′ / 12′ x 18′
90-100′ Flagpole
20′ x 38′ / 30′ x 50′

How to protect your American Flag

No one can predict or guarantee how long a flag last due to the various conditions it is flown under. Factors such as geographical location, weather, time of exposure, etc. must be taken into consideration.

There are some things you can do to protect your flags.

Always be sure to check your flagpole had halyard rope when changing flags.
Be sure to have covers for metal snaps.
Use polyester halyard rope and if any cables or metal is exposed on the pole or ropes remove or cover it.
Lower and remove flags during harsh weather if possible.
Repair your flag before it is badly frayed.
Do not send your flag out to have it cleaned.

All of our American and State flags at sewn with four rows of lock stitch construction with the strongest thread available. The fly end is the end of the flag furthest away from the pole. All stitching is lock stitched and back tacked. Every flag meets or exceeds Federal Flag Standards.

Our strong American Flags meet or exceed all commercial standards.

Flags will eventually wear or fade.  Extreme weather, or conditions happen from time to time.

Should abnormal wear or fading occur we will replace the flag, or pro rate the usage. We will do everything possible to make sure you are satisfied with our flag products. We reserve the right to inspect the flag prior to replacement. At any time during the first year you feel that your flag is not holding up as well as you think it should we will give you free fly time for as long as you had the flag hoisted

All flags are made in the USA.