A quick portable windsock system that can be mounted on any building, scaffold, or vehicle to detect wind gust, and shears.

Windsock and Construction Safety

Get the Windsock system that protects workers from wind gusts atop structures. A quick, reliable and portable windsock that can be mounted to any building for scaffold.

New Windsock Improves Worker Safety
Wind Tracker Windsocks Improve Construction Safety. Protect workers atop structures and on the ground. Workers carrying large profile material can see the wind and take the necessary precautions. Visibility up to 1/4 mile away!

Wind Tracker Windsock System retracts to 48″ opens to 10′, weights 2.5 pounds, and provides instant visual recognition of wind speed and direction.

The entire unit can be set up in under 60 seconds and it is maintenance free. Strong fiberglass construction takes the rigor and wear found in the building industry. Non-conductive and the fiberglass pole has an FR rating.

Windsock &10′ Pole Set
Telescoping 48″ to 10′ Instantly!
Great for portable use in the field or atop structures, tanks, and platforms.
Windsock Pole Only: $118.00

Telescoping fiberglass pole 48″ to 10′
FR Rateing (Self Extinguishing).
Available in Safety Yellow or White.
Storm Tough® Construction.
Maintenance free, no metal parts
Made In The USA! by Wonder Pole®
Please call toll free: 1-800-707-3524