The Only Accurate Windsock For Pesticide Application

Protect Against Chemical Trespass

 Field tested for use in agriculture

Drift can move pesticides off target causing damage to persons and or property. A field windsock system designed for agriculture is a must have tool when applying herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or other related materials.
Dicamba Alert

Seven Valuable Reasons To Use The Wind Tracker Windsock System On Your Farm.

The only windsock that can detect wind direction and speed below 1 MPH!
The same windsock can be portable, semi-permanent, or permanent installation.
No setup or learning curve for employees to use this windsock.
High visible windsock and colors up to 1/4 mile away. Custom windsock, no problem.
Use with any existing pole or our fiberglass telescoping windsock pole.
Best price in the industry.
Storm Tough® construction, long lasting, made in the USA.

A Wind Tracker™ Windsock System will decrease your exposure to liability .
The only windsock that tracks air movement below 1 mile per hour!
Applicators instantly know the direction and speed of the wind.
Windsock has no metal parts to rust, clog, or wear out, moves in six directions.
Super strong construction, 24 hour, 365 day outdoor use.
Telescopic model can be carried to any field, and mounted to any surface.

The massive extent of crop damage in 2017 proved, unfortunately, that the new, supposedly low-volatility formulations did not perform as advertised. Even the strict, lengthy restrictions on when, where, and how dicamba can be applied post-emergence were not effective in preventing off-target movement and damage to millions of acres of non-target plants and trees.

A lengthy list of use restrictions are set forth on the new, EPA-approved dicamba labels specifying when applications can legally be made. The most important variables addressed are wind speed and direction, proximity to sensitive crops, weed size, rainfall patterns, and the nozzles used.

SOCC negotiated with Monsanto and BASF to achieve our label protections requiring that the wind be blowing away from certain specialty crops. It was a major and hard-fought concession from Monsanto, who was on the record repeatedly proclaiming it wasn’t necessary. From the start of our discusssions, BASF was more willing to acknowledge and address the risk of off-target movement.  In the case of the crop we’re involved with, processing tomatoes, we worked very hard to make sure that neighbors knew where our crop was located, and that if they damaged our crop, there would be a tremendous price to pay.
Source: Independent Science News

To reduce the the risk of chemical trespass the best field solution during application is the Wind Tracker Windsock System. detect wind below 1 mile per hour, visibility up to 1/4 mile away, portable, and made in the USA!

do not spray use windsockFarm Operations
It is the responsibility of the applicators to insure he is on target and does everything necessary to prevent drift. This new patented windsock reacts to wind movement below 1 mile per hour. Wind Tracker™ can show erratic air movement and wind shears.

Federal regulations specify that “organic” crops, if tainted by herbicide, must be sold at lower, nonorganic prices and that the tainted field must be removed from organic production for three years. To be labeled “organic” the federal organic certification regulations adopted by the National Organic Program (NOP) specify that pesticide levels may not exceed 5% of the EPA’s tolerance for specific residue detected after chemical testing.

Made in the USA, this new patented windsock design sets up in seconds with no special tools required. There are no expensive frames, hoops or grommets, and there are no metal parts to rust, and conductivity is not a problem. It comes assembled and ready to use. Long wearing and made in the USA .

Remember, a strong wind disperses harmful materials, and a low wind speed carries harmful materials “along”. It is absolutely critical that your windsock can detect low wind. No other windsock detect wind speed and direction below 1 mile per hour. The Wind Tracker Windsock can.

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Herbicide Application Wind Tracker Windsock

Dicamba Alert  – Chemical Trespass

EPA and States’ Collective Efforts Lead to Regulatory Action on Dicamba

For Release:  October 13, 2017

EPA has reached an agreement with Monsanto, BASF and DuPont on measures to further minimize the potential for drift to damage neighboring crops from the use of dicamba formulations used to control weeds in genetically modified cotton and soybeans. New requirements for the use of dicamba “over the top” (application to growing plants) will allow farmers to make informed choices for seed purchases for the 2018 growing season.

Manufacturers have voluntarily agreed to label changes that impose additional requirements for “over the top” use of these products next year including:

  • Classifying products as “restricted use,” permitting only certified applicators with special training, and those under their supervision, to apply them; dicamba-specific training for all certified applicators to reinforce proper use;
  • Requiring farmers to maintain specific records regarding the use of these products to improve compliance with label restrictions;
  • Limiting applications to when maximum wind speeds are below 10 mph (from 15 mph) to reduce potential spray drift;
  • Reducing the times during the day when applications can occur;
  • Including tank clean-out language to prevent cross contamination; and
  • Enhancing susceptible crop language and record keeping with sensitive crop registries to increase awareness of risk to especially sensitive crops nearby.

Wind Tracker Windsock is the only windsock that can accurately detect wind speed and direction under 10 miles per hour!

Windsock Applications, What’s Yours?

Agriculture & Farm Operations
Emergency Evacuations
Construction Safety
Hazardous Materials
Pipeline Companies
Ammonia Storage
Chlorine Storage
Grain Elevators
Golf Courses
School Safety
Recreational facilities

Waste Water Treatment Plants
Cold Storage Facilities
Unmanned Aircraft
Waste sites
Hang gliding
Oil fields
Painting at ship yards
Large profiles carried by workers
Tear gas release in correctional institutions
Bomb disposal sites.
Jump teams ground wind system
Hot air Balloonist & chase teams

Portable Windsock / Transportation
Power Plants
Agricultural for drift prevention
Small airports
Field burning
Portable units for Red Cross & other organizations
Marker flag for areas of student assembly
Airport Windsocks
Nuclear power plants
Disc Golf

Windsock Use In Agriculture