A New Windsock Designed For Transportation

Rapid Deployment, Detects Wind Instantly!

Trucks, Trains, Airplane, Spray Rigs, Service Vehicles, Etc.

A New Portable Windsock System for Homeland Security, Fire Departments, First Respondents, Transportation Industry, and Governments.

The Wind Tracker Windsock Portable System can go anywhere and be ready in a matter of seconds. In fact, you can leave it setup and travel with it if need be. The image shows the system using a standard receiver hitch. The fiberglass Wonder Pole® is strong enough to travel at speeds above 65 miles per hour.

What goes into making a portable windsock?

  • It must fast and easy to setup in the field.
  • It must be highly visible, and animate the wind at any speed.
  • It must be outdoor rated, and durable.
  • It must be compact and lightweight.

What makes the portable Wind Tracker™ windsock the best choice?

  • Deploys in under one minute!
  • Light weight, and sets up in seconds.
  • The only windsock that can detect wind direction and speed below 1 mile per hour!
  • No metal parts to rust, clog, or wear out, moves in six directions.
  • Storm Tough® construction for 24 hour, 365 day outdoor use.
  • Visibility up to 1/4 mile away.
  • The best price in the industry.

Train fire and toxic smoke.

Portable Windsock Specifications – Not all windsocks are the same. Old style tube windsocks are not suitable for detection of low wind speed, and cannot accurately show the wind direction. Some companies make the claim that their windsock will move in the slightest breeze but cannot substantiate those claims. Our windsock system comes with a 8 x 11″ wall chart and pocket wind guides that show our windsock movement in winds below 1 mile per houri.

This train caught fire and operators had to leave the train. The smoke from a burning train, or truck can carry harmful materials for miles. The Wind Tracker Portable Windsock System can alert first responders to wind direction and help them estimate the travel time of toxic gases and smoke.

Remember, a strong wind disperses harmful materials, and a low wind speed carries harmful materials “along”. It is absolutely critical that your windsock can detect low wind. No other windsock detect wind speed and direction below 1 mile per hour. The Wind Tracker Windsock can.

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A Partial List Of Application For Windsocks.

Agriculture & Farm Operations
Emergency Evacuations
Construction Safety
Hazardous Materials
Pipeline Companies
Ammonia Storage
Chlorine Storage
Grain Elevators
Golf Courses
School Safety
Recreational facilities

Waste Water Treatment Plants
Cold Storage Facilities
Unmanned Aircraft
Waste sites
Hang gliding
Oil fields
Painting at ship yards
Large profiles carried by workers
Tear gas release in correctional institutions
Bomb disposal sites.
Jump teams ground wind system
Hot air Balloonist & chase teams

Portable Windsock / Transportation
Power Plants
Agricultural for drift prevention
Small airports
Field burning
Portable units for Red Cross & other organizations
Marker flag for areas of student assembly
Airport Windsocks
Nuclear power plants
Disc Golf

Portable Windsock System by Wind Tracker