Wind Tracker Windsock

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Evacuations, Hazmat, Drift, and More

Exceeds OSHA requirements

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Windsock and Telescoping Fiberglass Pole

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You can use your existing pole!

Everything is included: Patented pivotal harness, DV800 directional vane, no metal parts to rust, jam, or wear out. Long wearing, field tested, and detects wind movement below 1 mile per hour! Maintenance free, strong, durable and guaranteed.

Long wearing, lock stitched construction: Storm Tough® Windsock Construction outlast ordinary airport windsocks. No special tools required, guaranteed not to break, chip, or peel. Exceeds OSHA standards.

High Visibility: Choose from a wide selection of windsock colors. Safety Orange, Black & Yellow, Sunburst Yellow, and custom designs are no problem. , light weight, and compact makes it ideal for any emergency use. Out of the case, up in seconds, and visible for everyone to see the wind. Best for evacuations, hazmat, railroads, Transportation companies, heliports, and more.

Everything you need for windsock safety

  • Long wearing windsock, strong & durable
  • Lock Stitch™ sewing with Gore Tenara®  thread
  • Will work with your pole
  • Detects wind below 1 mile per hour!
  • Visibility up to 1/4 mile away
  • Installs in seconds, ships assembled
  • In stock, immediate shipping
  • Made in the USA!

Windsock System Field Tested Proven Safer

  • Industry standard size and colors
  • Field tested & guaranteed
  • Wind Tracker™ windsock (Optional colors)
  • OSHA compliant colors
  • Patented pivotal harness system
  • Wind speed 8 x 11 wall chart
  • Pocket wind speed cards for field use
  • Light weight 18 ounces

DV800 with edge glowDV800 Directional Vane

The Wind Tracker has the same great dependability and toughness as before but now comes with some impressive new improvements to the design and function.

The Wind Tracker DV800 (Patent Pending) directional vane with Edge Glow is designed to reduce windsock tangle, increase visibility and sensitivity to wind movement. There are not metal parts to rust, jam, or wear out. No tools are required for assembly.

Everything is included; the fiberglass “flip over” rod, the DV800 directional vane, and a new set of harness cords.

Airport Windsock On Windsock Telescopic Pole.
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Evacuation And Safety Windsock Systems

  • Detects Wind Below 1 Mile Per Hour!
  • Visibility Up To 1/4 Mile Away.
  • Field Tested
  • Maintenance Free – No Assembly
  • Fits Existing Poles.
  • OSHA Approved Colors
  • Made In The USA.

Field Tested, OSHA approved colors.

Detects Low Wind Speed and Direction:

Windsock system animates the wind at or below 1 mile per hour. Ordinary airport windsocks were not designed for today’s modern commercial use.

Reliable Workplace Safety:

A reliable safety windsock system needs to demonstrate the wind movements, direction, and speed to be effective. Old style airport windsock hangs limp unable to demonstrate the direction or speed of the wind.

Off Site Contamination & Controlling Drift:

Accuracy of speed and direction low winds is critical. Liability associated with offsite contamination is becoming a big issue in farming, landfills, and other industries located near schools, hospitals, etc.

Airport Windsocks, and The Evacuation Safety Windsock System

Does Your Windsock System Comply?


Evacuation Safety Windsock systems are a critical part of any emergency evacuation plan. They help in drift control and prevention of “chemical trespass.

The wind at speeds above 10 miles per hour will help disperses materials, but low winds can move contaminates a great distance. Direction and speed of the wind is critical.

If you cannot determine the wind movement you are only guessing, and guessing is not a good word when it comes to safety.

The Wind Tracker animates the wind at low speeds. and using our wind speed charts you can calculate the travel distance of the materials being moved along by the wind. The new DV800 directioal vane with edge glow is designed to increase visibility of wind direction at any speed.

We often think of the immediate area and personnel in that area when it comes to an accidental or intentional release. That of course is a primary concern. But, we also may need to think about off site contamination. nearby Schools, Businesses, Playgrounds even a mile awy could be effected depending on the materials and type of release.

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